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Posted: 14/12/2015

As if finding a new job wasn’t hard enough! With a variety of recruitment agencies and industry sources offering SO MUCH information, it’s no wonder job seekers can feel like the hiring process is a bit of a mine field. So here at FS1, we’re hoping, along with everyone else, we can debunk some of the confusing tips out there on the internet and offer some advice if you’re struggling!

The CV: Pages of detail or short and sweet?
Some hiring managers will want a lot of information before considering an applicant, but others will lose interest after the first page! It’s hard to get the balance right, and there’s no reason why job seekers shouldn’t adapt their CV for each application, but as a rule of thumb two pages seems to be the golden number.

Is a personal statement necessary?
To some, yes. To others, a total waste of time. So what’s the answer? In general, it’s no harm to have a personal statement ready for use, but a personal statement offers more impact if someone is changing careers, or has special circumstances to explain, which wouldn’t be appropriate or make sense adding to the CV.

Calling for an update
So some in the industry would say that calling every day for an update on your application, whether you’re calling a recruiter or a hiring manager, shows you’re keen. But if you’re having to call every day, then one might assume there’s been no news or update – and if that is the case, isn’t calling every day for an update potentially making job seekers seem like a nuisance? Job postings will usually receive a vast number of applications, so don’t take the risk, and wait. A call after 5-7 days, if you haven’t heard anything, is certainly acceptable.

Have you got the job?
Is it right or wrong to ask if you’ve got the job? Asking the question during the interview certainly shows commitment and in some cases your confidence and straight talking attitude would be favoured. However, if you ask outright in an interview, it may not come across in the right way, bearing in mind that very rarely are job seekers told in the interview itself whether or not they have been successful. It’s probably best to play it safe!

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