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Posted: 05/05/2017

Many Graphic Designers dream of joining a top award winning studio. Getting the gig can be daunting, but how can make sure you make it big in a top studio?

What’s the brief? Take your time to digest, live, and breathe the brief. Rewrite it if necessary and add your expertise. You’ll certainly make an impact on your client!

What’s the clear message? The core thought or mission statement is usually a first consideration when it comes to design. So build your ideas around it!

What about the wall? Spread your ideas out on the wall, on the floor (safely…) – Don’t keep all that creativity locked up, otherwise you’ll struggle to develop it!

What about the boss? Share your ideas with the Creative Lead as much as possible – they won’t bite!

Immerse yourself in the project. Get stuck in! Don’t shy away from supporting and advising on other projects if possible too.

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