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Posted: 26/01/2018

With everyone talking digital these days, it’s sometimes difficult to find time to talk about good old fashioned print! However, the retail world is still booming, and engaging packaging design has never been more important. So what makes great package design?

Vintage is in. Stylish, warm and memorable, the vintage look is truly back for 2018. Vintage screams quality to the customer, and offers something authentic and special.

Make a statement with photography. Using specific imagery within your design is most definitely popular, just as big high-quality imagery is attractive on websites.

Keep it brief. Customers don’t want fussy over complicated designs. Minimalsit chic is still a winner when it comes to packaging design, with the product details clearly accessible.

Bring on the shiny! Metallics will definitely be popular this year; it’s a stand out design technique that will really get your brand noticed.

Make it unique. Think of unusual materials or colours you could use to leave your customers intrigued – they’ll absolutely picking up your product to see what it offers!

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