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Posted: 22/09/2017

For the last few years marketing strategies have been dominated by digital. Whilst marketers must invest wisely in digital, print marketing still has a place in our hearts and it’s important not to neglect it. So how can you make sure your print campaigns are still effective?

Keep it social! Yes, you’re advertising in print, but there’s no reason why you can’t list your social media handles and continue the conversation online.

Make sure it’s integrated. Print media works best as one part of a campaign – tally up your online campaigns with print media for maximum impact.

Do your research. Make sure you find out where your target audience is and what they read before you invest.

Consider your budget carefully. Digital marketing is more cost effective that print, so when planning a print project, be clear on your budget before you start and stick to it.

Make it worthwhile to your audience! A discount voucher or offer is immediately going to have an impact on your customers.

Consider your medium. Is it posters, business cards, or publication advertising that’s going to get your customers interested?

Print won’t be around forever, so treasure it whilst it’s still with us!

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