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Posted: 17/01/2019

Video rules these days! Haven’t you heard? Any good social media strategy includes top video content – and here’s our tips for making your video stand out.

It’s got to be vertical. In a change from wide screen, vertical video watched on a mobile phone makes a huge difference to viewing and engagement.

Play around with your audio. Why not let your audio play a little longer over your next clip? A change in what your viewer expects to see and hear will keep them watching for longer.

Make it match. Using matching or similar clips side by side is incredibly effective and engaging, drawing your viewers in to try and spot the difference. Try it and see!

Don’t forget montage! A video technique that has stood the test of time; montages can demonstrate the passing of time and are good for expressing emotion. Incredibly effective!

What techniques do you think make a difference to your video editing?

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