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Posted: 06/01/2019

Marketing and design professionals must have the freedom and the space to be creative. Making sure your workspace is set up in a way to boost productivity is more important than you might think – here’s our top tips for success.

Invest in a good screen. You need space to work in, so make sure your screen is big enough for the tasks you need to complete – Maybe a second screen would make things easier for you?

Find other spaces to work in. Sitting at your desk all day can be challenging to creativity – Find places in your office where you can take calls or make notes, to change up your environment and break any unhealthy cycles.

Clear the decks! Make sure your desk is clear of any clutter, keep on top of your paperwork so it doesn’t take over your desk, and hide computer cables and other tech where possible. No distractions!

Does it smell? Find a fragrance that makes you feel invigorated and use it (although make sure not to disturb work colleagues!)

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