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Posted: 01/09/2017

Whilst designers are in high demand, the interview for your dream job can be nerve wracking, and it’s vital you make sure you’re prepared. So how can you make sure your dream design job is in the bag?

It starts with you. Your performance counts; make sure you’re confident, warm and personable, as well as professional. Make sure you dress to impress and prepare to make an impact.

Make your move. There’s plenty you can do before a job is even advertised – Do your research on employers of interest and engage with their social media presence.

Don’t forget your portfolio. Every designer ideally needs a traditional and digital portfolio. Take your print portfolio with you, include your best work, and don’t be too shy to show off!

Stand out from the crowd? We’ve seen countless wild and innovative CV designs, with the clear aim of standing out from the rest. Creativity is fine, but try to avoid your CV becoming a novelty.

Tailor away. Tailor your portfolio for each vacancy and interview, showcasing your most relevant work and show your potential new employer you’ve got what it takes!

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