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Posted: 24/02/2015

Our Thoughts on 2015 So Far

So it’s been a rollercoaster already, Christmas is far behind us and we can’t quite honestly believe it’s nearly March already (where did the time go?!). So how have we found the job market so far in 2015?

So firstly we cannot fail to see that job opportunities are coming in thick and fast! Since we came back to work after the festivities we’ve been non-stop. We’ve noticed an increase in client enquiries and have had to invest in new technology due to demand. This is all fantastic news for job seekers; now the recession is way behind us businesses are investing in growing their teams and in a place like Milton Keynes businesses are continually expanding. Jobseekers are finding they have more choices and the opportunity to investigate more vacancies before making a choice, ensuring that the choice is the right one. By using recruitment agencies, jobseekers will find that their agency partner can help to manage their timescales so they have the chance to investigate all options before making final decisions.

On the flip side, because locally based talented candidates have more choices the market is moving incredibly quickly; the best of the best are being snapped up quickly, so hiring managers, if you meet “The One”, don’t hesitate!

How have you found your job search so far? Or if you’re a hiring manager, how have you found your recruitment processes in 2015? FS1 is here to help, we look forward to hearing your comments!