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Posted: 25/07/2018

Technology – it’s great when it works, isn’t it? However, from time to time you’ll find technology can let you down – and sometimes in the most frustrating of ways, like when you’re about to deliver a killer presentation pitch. So how can you plan to beat technology mishaps?

Consider your font. Special branded fonts are fab, except for the fact that there’s a danger they won’t translate properly on other devices. Stick to safe universal fonts and you can’t go wrong.

Do your updates in advance! Computer update cycles can come at the worst time – Trigger your updates in advance of any sort of presentation to avoid delay.

Make multiple copies. Don’t just have your presentation saved onto one USB stick. Have it on email, email it to your host, and save it in the cloud. That way, you’ll have multiple options to access your work.

Prepare for an absence of internet and technology. If all else fails you, it’s best to have a back up plan that doesn’t involve any internet or any technology at all. You can’t go wrong!

Unless you have a sore throat coming on…

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