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Posted: 19/10/2018

Like lots of industries, the marketing and creative sectors can be fast paced and sometimes pretty challenging and competitive. With the world of work becoming more pressured, it’s vital that you start to look after your mental health and well as your physical health. Here’s how.

Start talking. If you’re not sure about something, you must speak out, whether it be to colleagues, HR or even friends and family if you feel more comfortable to do so. Just sharing the load will make you feel better!

Be kind to yourself. Give yourself a break, focus on one thing at a time, and take time to yourself. You can’t always be perfect, and that’s totally fine!

Are you sleeping? Getting adequate sleep is incredibly important to wellbeing – if you’re finding yourself having less sleep than you’d like, change your habits and make a good night sleep your priority.

Can you change your commute? Commuting in rush hour can be stressful – A change to your regular journey might help, but if that’s not possible, make sure you play your favourite songs or take a break if it’s too much.

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