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Posted: 09/07/2018

Delivering an internal comms strategy for employees based off site or in multiple locations can be a challenge. These are the employees you might rarely see, making it difficult to understand how they are feeling in their role and what support they might need. Here are our top tips for combatting the problem.

Get technical. Technology is great for bringing people together, so use it. Off site employees can benefit from intranet systems, internal social media channels, and emails for communication. Additionally, video and video conferencing can make communication more personable and effective.

Get writing! Messages from your CEO in writing can make a big impact with off site employees and are an effective way of communicating company culture and values. Using social media channels to promote your CEO’s messages can also be an engaging way to communicate.

Make sure you visit! Technology is great for day to day communications, but you should also try to visit employees at their place of work when possible. The personal touch can make all the difference and will give you a clearer understanding about what makes employees tick.

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