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Posted: 07/01/2016

Digital and UX development is a growing industry and an excellent career choice for many people in today’s industry, with many people taking the opportunity to learn how to code from the comfort of their own home. If you’re thinking of honing your coding skills to kick start a brand new career, take a look at our top tips below.

Which Language? First thing’s first, which language should you start with? There’s certainly a lot of options out there, and there’s certainly no “best” language to learn, but most people start at HTML and CSS and go from there!

Passion or Profession? Taking on the odd coding task for fun is very different to coding for a living. Although a career in code comes generally with excellent career prospects, development and a good salary, make sure you’re in it for the long haul!

Get a helping hand. There are a wide variety of paid and free online courses in coding, either short or long, so do your research and see what might work best for you.
Take your time. It takes time to learn how to code, and expect many errors along the way! Once you see your creations come to life, it’ll all have been worth it.

Get Networking! Find out if there’s opportunities local to you to meet fellow coders or a coding club, that way you can share new ideas and tips, and learn from more experienced coders.

Being able to code can open up a wide range of exciting career opportunities, offering the chance to work in a fast paced, dynamic industry, offering excellent rates of pay. For more information about our current development vacancies, contact FS1 on 01908 787 560 or hello@fs1recruitment.com.