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Posted: 30/09/2018

Branding isn’t just about a name and a logo! Many marketers are using the 3 P’s as a way of ensuring their brand stands out from the crowd. Are you?

Promise – So what makes your brand special? Your brand promise must be clearly defined and demonstrate your unique services and products, offering a promise to your customers about what they can expect when choosing your service or product above all others

Positioning – How are you going to communicate your promise? This depends very much on the nature and size of your organisation, and how your target audiences consume content. It’s important to consider these factors when developing your brand, to ensure it can be communicated effectively to your customers.

Performance – How are you going to make sure your brand lives up to its promises? The way you have positioned your brand will leave your customers with certain expectations, and therefore you must ensure your operations can deliver.

Don’t forget personality! A bonus “P” for you – your uniqueness of brand personality must shine through at all times. Give your customers a brand they can trust and rely on every time!

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