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Posted: 20/07/2015

The Big Debate: Agency v In House

Working in creative and marketing recruitment, here at FS1 we speak daily with people looking to make a big decision for the next step in their career. We recruit across both agency and in house roles, and people working within marketing and creative typically pick a side and stick to it. But what if you fancy a change? Here we take a look at the pros and cons of agency and in house roles.

Working Hours
Agency: Traditionally hours have been long; we speak to lots of people with solid agency experience seeking more of that work life balance. But agencies are listening; more and more creative consultancies are ensuring their employees get the balance they are looking for.
In House: With the digital age there are few of us working the 9-5, and although in house roles have traditionally offered some flexibility, websites and social media never sleep!

Agency: Typically an agency role can offer less on basic salaries, however again agencies are listening and starting to introduce some really unique benefits that really make a difference.
In House: Not only could you achieve a marginally higher salary in house, some large corporates also offer extensive benefits packages to in house marketers and creatives.

Agency: Let your creativity shine! It’s busy and fast paced, but you’ll have a fantastic range of different projects to work on, perfect for those who love a bit of variety.
In House: in terms of projects you’ll have the chance to really get under the skin of each campaign and specialise in your chosen industry.

Career Progression
Agency: Much more fluid and entrepreneurial, it can be structured when it comes to progression sometimes within an agency and employees have the chance to creative their own opportunity.

In House: Typically in house roles offer a more structured career path, with annual reviews being the perfect opportunity to talk about your next steps. 

Company Culture:
Agency: Creative and dynamic! An agency is an exciting and fresh environment, fast paced, busy, highly motivated – it’s busy but it’s fun!
In House: In house environments have previously been more corporate, but it’s not so much the case anymore, with companies finding ways to offer a more relaxed office culture to inspire employees.

Increasingly both in house and agency environments are becoming more comparable, offering professionals from either side the opportunity to try something new. If you would like to discuss your job search or have a requirement you need assistance with, contact us here at FS1, we’d be happy to help!