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Posted: 23/08/2016

Near enough every professional working in sales will at some point make a cold call. It’s a traditional and well used form of communication to win new sales – but with emerging technologies, cold calling is on the decline. So what are the pros and cons of cold calling?


  • If a salesperson finds themselves with no new sales, cold calling can be a quick and easy way to make new contacts and new sales.
  • Cold calling means you’ve got to be savvy. Sales people who cold call find they have to keep up to date with their industry’s latest trends, meaning they have a sound understanding of the market.
  • During a cold call, sales people have ample opportunities to answer and queries or concerns about their product directly, which can make all the difference to a sale.


  • Cold calling has been used so heavily over the years that both those that cold call and those who receive cold calls have had enough. Sales people often don’t jump at the chance to make unsolicited calls and those receiving cold calls tend to receive so many, they’ve simply had enough!
  • Prospects have become wise to the cold call and now most businesses actively make it difficult for sales people to reach decision makers, meaning it’s less effective.
  • Whilst a salesperson can get lucky on a cold call, on most occasions on its own it’s not entirely effective for generating solid sales.

Whilst the cold call still has a place in some sales teams, companies need to ensure their sales programme is backed up by new forms of selling, such as social media, to ensure success in today’s tech world.

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