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Posted: 11/07/2018

Working in the design and creative sector is busy, varied and fun. But to get it right, there are certain rules that you categorically have to stick to! Take a look at our top rules for success in creative and design.

Listen to your client. Yes, you might have a total grasp of the latest design trends, what looks good and what doesn’t, but your client knows what is right for their business, more than you do. So listen up!

What about the brief? Make sure you read every word! Might seem obvious, but if you don’t take in the details correctly you won’t deliver what is required.

Get back to basics. Pen and paper provide an easy way for you to express your creative ideas before working up the detail.

Always sleep on it. Once your project is finished, take some time to consider it before submitting the details. Always sleep on it!

Is it working? If you’re struggling with a design to make it right, sometimes it’s much easier to just start again. And you might find your second or even third idea is much better than your first!

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