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Posted: 05/08/2015

Things to remember to create a top notch design portfolio

Just ask our leading lady when it comes to design and creative recruitment, Nicola Roberts; the first thing she’ll ask you for as a designer, much like any job interview you’ll attend, will be your portfolio. When you’re a creative your CV only says so much and real work examples will separate you from the crowd. So what’s most important to remember when you are putting together your portfolio?

Choose only the best. Don’t be afraid to show your best work! Chances are in your career you’ll have created hundreds of different designs, but when it comes to your portfolio only the best will do. Pick wisely and don’t be afraid to show off your best work.

Think about your portfolio often, not just when job searching. You should continually add to your portfolio as you grow in your career, not just when it’s time to look for a new job. It’s a moving beast, a growing document that should grow as you do.

Don’t stand out for the wrong reasons. Yes, you want your portfolio to be unique to you, and designers are often expected to lead quirky lives, but remember, your portfolio is a professional document! Keep it concise, neat, and to the point. With just the right amount of quirk.

Ask for feedback. Many of the designers we have met know other designers, who then know other designers…why not share your work with your peers and get their perspective on it? It’s likely you’ll get some great feedback on how you can improve.

No detail is too small. Yes, we know most designers don’t need to worry about the text when it comes to their designs, but really, when it comes to your portfolio there’s no room for mistakes. Check, check and check again! Don’t lose that dream job over a simple spelling mistake!

If you’d like some advice on your portfolio, contact Nicola and the FS1 team on 01908 787 560.