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Posted: 10/11/2015

Is it too early to start thinking about what will dominate marketing in 2016? It seems so, but when you think Christmas is only 6 WEEKS AWAY (Eek!) perhaps it’s not too early for marketers to consider what will be at the forefront of marketing in 2016. So here’s our predictions:

Video Ads will start becoming more dominant. OK, so video is nothing new, but Youtube users are growing, and with platforms such as Facebook and Bing starting to offer video advertising, the only way is up for video.

Mobile will overtake desktop. So mobile dominance began in 2015, and with Google introducing new mobile-friendly algorithms, it’s only a matter of time!

Let’s start thinking about wearable technology. So the Apple Watch was launched in 2015, and there are many new exciting gadgets being released next year to follow suit. Marketers need to start planning for this new wearable advertising opportunity.

Make way for Snapchat. Like all social channels, Snapchat has faced questions as to whether or not it’s a channel marketers can use to engage with potential customers. Snapchat has passed the test, so watch this space!

Search will go WAY beyond Google. Sites such as Google, Bing and Yahoo have been the kings of search, but soon our social media channels will change the way we search, with services becoming more integrated.

What’s your prediction for marketing in 2016?

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