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Posted: 15/12/2018

It’s that time of year again! 2019 is fast approaching, and now’s a good time as any to take a look at what marketers should expect in 2019. Here’s our predictions of what’s going to be hot next year.

Ad influence is over. It’s true. More and more people will move towards other ways of finding products, such as online reviews and content marketing, and traditional ads are not performing in the same way as they once were. Chances are marketers will start moving away from traditional ads this year.

How do your customers communicate? It’s vital marketers are aware of how their customers behave. Voice search is becoming more and more prevalent, which could have unforeseen consequences to your product – So be prepared!

Print makes a comeback? Are we serious?! Yes! In a world of digital sophistication, there’s something appealing about traditional print products, given they are now pretty rare. If marketers are clever, they can use a killer print product to stand out from the crowd.

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