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Posted: 13/10/2015

It’s the big debate. Recruiting within the creative and design sectors, here at FS1 it’s clear to us that digital communication is well on the rise and has been for some years now. But is there still a time and a place for traditional marketing? What are the pros and cons of each?

Traditional Marketing pros and cons

The best thing about traditional marketing is that it is widely accessible and still what we are most used to, in terms of newspaper advertising, billboards and more. It’s recognisable, it’s creative, and everyone can relate to it. However, traditional marketing is expensive and the costs are rising compared to digitally led channels. Also, there’s no interaction with your audience, which can be limiting. Another thing to bear in mind is in most cases it’s hard to measure your success using traditional marketing channels; most of the time, you are broadcasting a message, and hoping people with act upon it.

Digital Marketing pros and cons

There are lots of great advantages to digital marketing; firstly, it’s much easier to measure your success and can be very far reaching in terms of your audience. It’s also highly interactive, with businesses being able to directly communicate with their customers like never before using social media. One key disadvantage with digital marketing to bear in mind is that it can take a long time to measure any success as the campaign takes hold. There’s very few overnight wins when it comes to digital!

Getting the balance right

Digital marketing is only going to grow, and by now it is imperative for companies to have a strong digital presence, a responsive website and social media monitoring. But there’s still a place for tried and tested traditional channels; businesses will find most success with traditional channels when they are concentrating on their local customer base – a local newspaper or billboard advertisement goes a long way with the right audience!
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