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Posted: 06/04/2018

Inevitably, every business at some time will face a PR crisis. It’s human to make mistakes, but it’s vital that businesses are prepared. When things go wrong it can be hugely damaging to the reputation of an organisation if not handled correctly, but sometimes a crisis can present an opportunity to businesses. Here’s how.

Always be prepared. Plan as best you can for a crisis, it could come at any time. By considering potential scenarios, you’ll have the time to consider ways in which you can respond.

Make it personal. Put your hands up and take the blame! A business that owns up and apologises will always come off better than those that hide.

Consider using comedy – carefully! Depending on the crisis in question, a light hearted but sincere approach can go a long way to building bridges with your customers.

KFC gave a fantastic response to their recent crisis – A chicken shop, with no chicken. By using irony and by offering a genuine apology their recent campaign was received positively, with great results.

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