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Posted: 16/08/2018

Working in the creative sector is, in general, pretty fun. However, there are times when it’s less fun – namely when you suddenly get creative block. But fear not! Use these top tips below to unlock your creative genius!

Start with number one. You need some time just for yourself – Take some time out alone to encourage your mind to wander and think of your next big creative idea…

Put the kettle on. Yes, and make sure it’s black tea – You’ll find yourself feeling more relaxed, which is the ideal state to be in when trying to consider new ideas.

Take a stroll. Long or short, a gentle walk is bound to get the creative juices flowing, with plenty of opportunities to see something that might inspire.

It’s time to clean up! Do you like singing in the shower? Maybe it’s time to get creative in the shower too! Again, many creative ideas come to us when we’re having some “me” time.

Put a pen and pad on your bedside table. As during sleep we enter a relaxed state of mind, chances are at times you’ll wake up with a fab creative idea – Make sure you jot it down!

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