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Posted: 23/03/2018

Social media is an excellent tool for communication – and it’s definitely a channel to consider when you’re job searching. Employers everywhere are searching the social media sites of applicants more than ever before – So how can you make the most of social media when job searching?

Opportunities to learn. Social media, whilst offering employers the opportunity to learn more about those who apply for jobs, gives job seekers another channel to review when considering companies to apply for – So check out your potential new employer’s social media sites where possible.

Get active. There’s no point logging onto your channels and watching the world go by – contribute to conversations led by potential new employers and get noticed.

Be mindful. If possible hiring managers are reviewing your social media sites, it’s vital that there’s nothing on your social media channels that might hold you back. Be mindful of what you post on your social media profiles, in case it damages your chances.

Make sure you’re consistent. If you’re including your employment history on any of your social media sites, ensure that the details match what you’ve included on your CV, as it may raise questions otherwise.

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