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Posted: 16/02/2017

Web Developers are becoming more and more popular these days! If you’re just starting out in the industry, how can you make yourself stand out from the crowd?

What’s your specialism? Developers are most successful when they specialise in a certain area, rather than claim to be a “Jack of all Trades”. In depth knowledge in one area will appeal greatly to certain employers…

Keep Questioning! The stupidest question is the one you don’t ask – Keep questioning and you’ll have a greater understanding of web design and development.

Leave the code alone…sometimes. Writing code and watching your skills develop is exciting – but to avoid burn out, try to read and write (not just in code!) and you’ll naturally boost your own creativity.

Keep up to date. IT and digital development are always changing – attend as many conferences and read as many articles as you can to stay ahead.

Apply for the right jobs. Companies that invest in the growth of their developers and understand that web is constantly changing are the ones to work for.

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