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Posted: 12/04/2019

Unless you’ve somehow amazingly missed the latest technology trends, mobile is king, no doubt about it. If you’re not using mobile for advertising, you’d better get right to it – here’s some top benefits of mobile promotion.

It’s accessible! How long do you go between checking your social media feeds? Exactly. People are constantly on their phones – there’s lots of opportunities for your ads to reach them!

It’s locational. Using mobile metrics means you can target your customers with location specific advertising – which is bound to get people interested.

It’s personal! Mobile advertising is a great way to encourage personalisation within your adverts, and personalisation is for sure a great way to engage your consumers. So make it personal!

It’s cheap! Not only can you more effectively reach your target audience on mobile, it’s waaay cheaper than reaching them via traditional channels such as TV and radio. Surely a no brainer?

It’s growing. Every day mobile advertising is becoming more popular. It’s time to start investing in mobile advertising if you’re not doing so already, before your competitors do!

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