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Posted: 16/03/2018

The marketing arena can be tough. It’s a competitive market out there, and with information more accessible to consumers than ever before, marketers have got to be the best of the best! So what are the challenges marketers face today, and how can they overcome them?

Lead generation. Always a major challenge, generating enough leads from marketing content is vital but also difficult. To tackle the issue, marketers should ensure they research what their customers want in terms of content and proactively promote it, rather than letting the customer find it themselves.

Budget management. This can vary from not having enough money to spend on campaigns, to ensuring the budget is spent effectively across all channels. The key to getting it right is data, showing the success of your campaigns, what works, and of course what doesn’t work.

Website management. So many challenges! Is the content updated? Is the website mobile friendly? Is the design on trend? The best way to tackle this is to ensure the site is reviewed regularly and check what competitors are up to when it comes to the web.

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