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Posted: 05/04/2016

Don’t get us wrong, here at FS1 we LOVE digital! It’s new, it’s accessible, and a great channel for marketers. But it doesn’t come without challenges…

The digital revolution is always changing. The great thing about digital? It’s always growing and developing. This is of course exciting, but means that marketers need to be on top of their game to follow the latest trends and continuously adapt to new ideas, which can sometimes make planning a little difficult.

Is your business secure? With new digital trends, there’s always the risk of a new threat and companies need to ensure their cyber security is the best it can be. A mistake in cyber security can cause damage to a brand which could take a lot more than advertising to fix.

It’s time to make friends. With the digital era making our lives more intertwined, companies are finding that collaboration is the only way to make their digital presence work for consumers. This can mean that marketing and advertising plans need to become more collaborative.

The digital talent shortage. There’s still a need for marketing departments to hire and retain the best talent, and people with sound digital expertise are certainly in high demand.

Yes there are challenges in the digital arena, but once a marketing department identifies where work needs to be done, there’s no reason why companies can thrive in the digital world.

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