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Posted: 27/10/2018

In 2018, with such a wide array of digital technology at our fingertips, leaflets for marketing can seem a little outdated. However, in some industries, leaflets continue to be incredibly popular – here’s some pros and cons to consider if you’re thinking of using leaflets to get your message heard.

Leaflets are undoubtedly cost effective, and visually pleasing. A leaflet can contain a lot of information in an easy to read format, fully accessible to your audience, and are an expected method of communicating marketing information. If done the right way, leaflets can be incredibly effective!

There are of course disadvantages to using leaflets. With so many people used to receiving them, they can often be quickly discarded, and don’t often have a long term impact. Many people refuse to receive “junk mail” through their letterboxes, and leaflets can be considered as less important than emails or other digital channels.

Think about your target audience, distribution and the purpose of your promotion before considering if leaflets are the best option for your campaign!

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