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Posted: 25/05/2018

Here at FS1 we’re loving 2018. And incredibly, with June just around the corner, we’re almost halfway through the year already! With 5 months of 2018 almost behind us, what does digital marketing look like in 2018? And what should we expect next?

Data is winning. Channels and tools are becoming more sophisticated, and marketers more than ever are demanding that platforms offer easy and accessible ways to plan, optimize and analyse their content.

AI and Voice search is here. It’s incredible what technology can do! Voice Search is becoming more popular, with people using coherent sentences in speech rather than keywords to search. It could mean a big change to who search engines operate!

The algorithm is on top. Increasingly social platform algorithms are becoming ever more sophisticated, and marketers need to adapt. Only great content will do these days, as everything else is beaten into submission by these clever algorithms.

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