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Posted: 13/08/2016

The design industry has gone through some profound changes over the last few years, and with continued advancement in new technology it’s only set to change further. But in this ever changing arena, what qualities make a great Designer to stand the test of time?

Curiosity. Great designers know to take note of the competitive environment around them, and make sure they are observant at all times. It’s perfect market research!

Passion. Design is an industry that has passion beating at its heart; great designers not only have a passion for all things creative, they have a passion for their art and are dedicated to improving their skills every step of the way.

Listen up! A designer must understand the vision of the message, and make it great. Great designers know that good listening skills are a must have trait. Assuming you know what’s best for your client won’t get you far!

Problem Solving. Great designers know they need to come up with the solution – listening and observing is just the first part of the story. Great problem solving skills are a must!

Communication. You name it, verbal, written, or however else you communicate, you’ve got to be good at it. How else can your designs take off?

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