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Posted: 01/06/2018

Events (literally) comes in all shapes and sizes, and can make a huge impact on your customers or clients – if you get it right! So what’s key when it comes to organising an event that will leave your guests impressed?

Start planning! Thinking early about every detail and how you make your attendees experience seamless will make all the difference.

Think about timing carefully. It’s easy to try and squeeze too much into an agenda – Give your delegates time to process the day.

Networking is key. Your attendees will appreciate time to network with their peers. Make use of their time; find clever ways to group attendees to make the experience enjoyable and useful.

Consider your speaker style. Not all speakers can be inspiring and practical, they are usually one or the other. Make sure your speakers are balanced to keep everyone interested.

Offer a follow up. Those attending your event may need to report back on the day; ensure you provide a hand out or digital resource that attendees can easily access with top highlights of the day.

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