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Posted: 23/02/2018

Take to the streets! Experiential campaigns are a creative and fun way to reach hundreds of new potential customers, and are a great platform to show off your product – So what makes a memorable experiential campaign?

Remember your purpose. It’s easy to get carried away in cool and creative ideas when it comes to experiential – Make sure your message is accessible for potential customers who may not have heard of your product before.

The venue’s the thing! Think about your core audience and where they are likely to be. The venue must be accessible and fit for purpose according to your plans.

Don’t forget your brand. Your experiential event must match your core brand values – if not, you might leave customers confused about what they’re buying and why.

Reach even more people! There’s no reason why you can’t integrate your digital communications with your experiential event – Get sharing online and reach even more potential customers!

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