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Posted: 28/04/2017

We all get a lot of emails and most people will open an email depending on the subject line. So how can you make sure you’re created an effective and alluring enough to encourage customers to open it up?

Emotional? People react to emotional responses. Creating a subject line that induces an emotional response, such a curiosity, in your reader is a great start.

Be as specific as possible. The more information you can add to your subject line, without making it too lengthy, is going to appeal.

Keep it friendly! Writing in a conversational manner will encourage more people to open up.

How long? There’s been a lot of discussion on how long a subject line sentence should be. For many, the shorter the subject line the better – but this risks leaving out valuable information. Make your subject line as long as it needs to be, to ensure all of the relevant details are there.

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