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Posted: 14/09/2018

Planning and delivering events for a living is faced paced and fun. It takes a certain type of person to be a successful event manager – have you got what it takes? And what makes a successful event manager?

Are you a people person? Events are about bringing people together, collaboration and networking. Successful event managers understand what makes people tick and what will engage people to keep coming to their events.

Things change – Can you handle that? More often than not, events don’t always go entirely to plan. It’s a fact of life! Can you be flexible and adaptable, depending on the situation in front of you? Are you a keen problem solver? Then event management might just be your thing.

Are you organised? Events are busy. There’s lots to arrange, lots that can go wrong, and lots to execute. Successful event managers are well organised, both in task delivery and time management.

You’ve got to love it! Events are tough, with long days and sleepless nights sometimes. It’s sometimes a thankless task. So you’ve got to have a passion for all things events – And thrive on that fabulous feeling when it’s all over!

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