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Posted: 17/11/2017

An Intranet is a standard that most employees enjoy at work. Intranet systems contribute hugely to an integrated internal communications campaign, but what makes intranet truly great?

Two way communication. A good intranet system offers employees numerous opportunities to communicate and leave feedback, as a platform where they can express their opinions.

It’s useful. Employees need processes in place that offer effective and useful information sharing – a good intranet offers that exact platform and is easily accessible to all employees. An intranet should be a one stop shop for all company knowledge!

How do your employees communicate? Email has been king for a long time when it comes to employees communicating with one another. A great intranet system combines the power of email with the usability of shared drive systems. Internal communication at its best!

It’s available. The best intranet systems aren’t just available in the office. They are available to access at home and are also mobile and tablet friendly. These types of responsive intranet systems mean they are there to support employees at any time.

It’s all about the company. A good intranet reflects key company values – it’s motivating, engaging and something valued by all employees!

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