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Posted: 20/11/2018

Are you hoping to land the design or marketing job of your dreams, but just need to get through the interview? Be careful not to fall into these traps – here’s what NOT to say in your next big interview!

“Give me this much money!” Yes it’s clear you’ll have expectations about what you need to earn, but don’t lead your interview with talks of money. Employers don’t want the impression that all your care about is the cold hard cash.

“Look at my portfolio to find out what I’m about.” Yes, your portfolio is a great source to refer to as a place to show your skills, but don’t let it speak for itself. Be prepared to talk through your projects with your interviewer in detail if needed.

“I can do that!” (when you can’t). Whilst you’ll be tempted to say you’re capable of something you’re not in an interview, it’s not worth it. If you get the job and your new employer finds out you lied in your interview, chances are you won’t be employed very long.

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