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Posted: 18/06/2018

Graduating usually feels like a huge and exciting achievement, as well as the start of your brand new life in the creative sector. But for some design students, expectations can be very different from reality! Here’s our top tips on things they may have forgotten to teach you before you hit the big wide world...

How do I find work? You know all about creative and design, you’re ready to hit the ground running…So how do you actually get design work? Self promotion in terms of face to face and online networking and building your online portfolio are key.

How do I manage a client? It’s important to get client relationships right, but it can take time to gain these skills. A good designer has excellent communication skills, and is able to describe a concept clearly and effectively, whilst explaining the limitations of a project in a way that their client can understand.

Personality counts. Your degree is important, of course, but actually many employers will be just as interested in who you are and your values. So make sure your personality shines through!

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