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Posted: 05/01/2017

So here it is! With the festive season behind us here at FS1 we’re getting ready for what’s going to be hot in 2017 – so what should we expect in the world of marketing in 2017?

It’s all about the customer. With brands and products becoming ever more competitive on price, it’s the customer experience that is going to seal the deal in 2017. Make sure yours in beyond compare both offline and online!

Things just got personal. Alongside customer experience, Personalisation is key for 2017. Mass production has transitioned into something more individual and brands must be ready to respond to the demand for personalisation.

Step up your video! Video started to grow in 2016 and it’s set to BOOM in 2017. As a new channel, it’s the latest and most popular way to share your message to your followers.

Social media still rules. Yes, social media is here to stay and this year companies must use it more to engage with customers, rather than as a broadcasting platform.

Get ready for the rise of AI! With customer experience being a top priority, chatbots and AI programmes are likely to grow in popularity as a customer service tool.

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