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Posted: 08/12/2017

In case you’ve missed it, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is coming your way next year. GDPR is the latest update to data protection rules, and it’s vital you understand the key changes to legislation and how it might affect your organisation.

GDPR has been designed to bring legislation up to date following big technological advances since the 1990s. The modern day world, with smart phones and constant connectivity, mean a lot of personal data gets transferred every day.

Individuals now have to give specific consent for an organisation to hold their personal information, rather than it being a condition of using a company’s service.

Additionally, individuals will have the right to be “forgotten” by an organisation, meaning they can simply request that a company deletes all of their personal data from their database entirely.

GDPR is likely to affect every aspect of an organisation, so it’s vital you are ready for when the change comes. A first point of call would be to ensure that all 3rd party software your organisation uses is GDPR ready.

GDPR will be in place by May 2018 – so make sure your business is ready for the change now!

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