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Posted: 03/12/2015

When is it OK to offer your services for free?

For aspiring marketers and designers, getting your first job in the sector can be tough. Similarly, those wanting to go freelance will need maximise their exposure. In both cases, creatives my consider offering their services for free. It’s a great opportunity to show potential employers what you’re made of, but how can you make sure working for free is benefiting your career?

Make sure your exposure is guaranteed. Is your design going to be featured on a billboard or magazine cover? Will your article be featured on the company’s website? If you can guarantee good exposure, it may be worth taking the opportunity.

Stay in control. Make sure that you maintain the rights for the work that you do, so you can showcase the full details of your creative skills in your portfolio.

All you need is love. Not necessarily so. Yes, we all want to help out friends and family, but when it comes to your design and marketing skills, but free services when it comes to mates can be a double edged sword. If you’re considering offering your services for free to grow your career, it may be worth looking elsewhere.

The big question. Did the client ask you to work for free? If so, why? If you’re readily happy to offer your services for free for a project, chances are it’s right. If you are being asked to offer your services for no financial return, maybe you need to think again.

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