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Posted: 21/03/2019

The business card was always a must have for any marketing, creative and comms professional to make contact with a potential client. But in this day and age of digital, are they still relevant? We think so. Here’s why.

An easy way to say hello. Business cards offer a simplistic way of introducing yourself and providing your key contact information. OK sure, you could email your details to them, but what’s easier than just handing them your card?

Business cards build trust. As an accepted way of sharing information, using business cards builds legitimacy and trust for your new potential client. A business card with a company name and key contact details makes your business trustworthy to those who may not have heard of you.

Use it as a marketing opportunity! Business cards offer yet another opportunity to promote your business – Get the design right, stand out from the crowd, and your business card could do more than just introduce you…

One caveat – stick to the standard shape and size! Business cards that are a different shape or size to normal might seem funky, but won’t fit in your client’s perfectly sized business card holder – so be warned before you experiment!

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