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Posted: 14/03/2016

In 2016, it’s still all about digital, and there’s no sign that this is about to change. Whilst it’s still a relatively new industry, what’s clear is that at present it is an industry that is mostly dominated by men, at all levels, from entry level to senior management. Digital and technology led degrees and further education courses continue to be dominated by male applicants, giving men the tools to take on more analytical, technical roles, whereas women in digital tend to take on more PR and social media led roles. But why?

The Classic Geek. We’re yet to move away from the technology “Geek” of previous times, when TV programmes and books stereotyped all those characters interested in technology as a bit nerdy. In 2016, we’re all geeks, and we, both men and women, together, should embrace it! More needs to be done to change perceptions at a young age of people working in technology.

I didn’t know that! As a fairly new and ever changing sector, digital doesn’t really get the air time that more established sectors are given in schooling. It’s vital that schools embrace Digital and give pupils the opportunity to learn about what’s involved.

Digital Role models. For women, there’s a distinct lack of female role models in the digital space. All of the major digital giants, Facebook, Google, Apple – all run by men. It’s easy for women to think of digital as a male dominated environment and therefore not feel comfortable in pursuing their career in this field.

Boring? There’s a perception that a career in digital and technology is dull and solitary. Not these days! As a continually changing and developing industry, no two days are the same and the industry is dominated with innovative people, full of ideas. Boring? We think not!

More women are starting to enter the digital sector and make waves, but more needs to be done to encourage women into the digital sector, especially with skills shortages making the job market more competitive than ever before. To discuss our current digital vacancies, contact FS1 on 01908 787 560 or hello@fs1recruitment.com.