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Posted: 15/06/2017

Many freelance creatives and marketers still rely on traditional portfolios; whilst these are important, freelancers must harness the digital world to ensure their success in a busy market place. So why should you start building a website?

Accessibility is key. A website ensures you can build your personal brand and update it easily as necessary. Equally, a website is an easy way to showcase your work, and again, you can update this as much as you wish with recent successes.

Credibility. If you have a website, including work samples and testimonials, it gives you as a freelancer credibility and a professional appearance.

Availability. A website is a great way to advertise your availability to potential clients; keeping a diary up to date online makes it easy for your clients to book your services.

Workability. Your site can provide and easy place for contacts to communicate with you and other professionals.

So perhaps it’s time to start thinking about building your own website?

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