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Posted: 29/02/2016

Here at FS1 we understand the importance of social media, both for the marketing industry and in our own lives away from work! It’s been a long time coming, but finally, FINALLY, Facebook have launched their new “Reactions” feature. No longer can we just “like” a post, but we can use a range of emotions to engage with content. Exciting! And very exciting for marketers.

Suddenly, companies will have access to a lot more information from their followers. By adding a Facebook reaction, followers have the easier option of choosing the correct reaction to a post, rather than having to type a comment, meaning in theory more people engaging easily with posts and therefore more information for marketers.

Marketers may also be able to potentially gain an insight into consumer reactions to campaigns earlier than ever before. If newly posted content is encouraging a lot of “angry faces”, marketers and PR gurus will potentially have the opportunity to change course sooner rather than later and therefore avoid a crisis.

It’s early days for Facebook Reactions and there’s no telling how successful this new feature will be, but given that Facebookers have been crying out for a change like this for so long, it can only mean that Facebook Reactions is going to be a big success!

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