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Posted: 20/10/2017

Pay Per Click (PPC) has been a feature in search marketing campaigns for a number of years now. But how effective is it? Should you be investing in PPC?

It’s speedy. Whilst an SEO campaign takes months of careful nurturing, the results from PPC campaigns can be instant and effective, as your site gets placed right at the top of Google.

On a tight budget? PPC is a surprisingly cost-effective way of advertising, mainly because you only pay when someone has clicked on your link.

What’s your target? PPC campaigns can be fully targeted to your audience, meaning it’s likely your conversation rate will be high. Make sure you choose your keywords wisely!

PPC helps your other campaigns. By analysing the success of your PPC campaigns you can gain valuable insight into what makes your site visitors become customers.

PPC and SEO play a vital part in today’s digital communications. Although PPC is effective and speedy, it works best alongside a strong SEO campaign, as both complement each other when it comes to search marketing.

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