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Posted: 29/06/2018

In 2018 mobile is king. More people than ever are consuming content via their phones, and although some people might find those pop up mobile ads annoying, there’s still evidence to suggest that companies should be investing significantly in mobile advertising. Here’s why.

Mobile phones are popular! The balance has now shifted and more people are using their mobiles to surf the internet than desktop, meaning they’re a great platform for advertising.

Additionally, it’s got to be video advertising to make an impact. Video clips are easy to consume on a phone, and have been proven to be more effective than other forms of advertising, with customers retaining more information about a product when watching a video.

The whole world is loving mobile video ads. Across the globe brands are embracing mobile video, with some industries such as food and drink and retail finding mobile video advertising a huge driver for growth.

Just think of the data! Mobile video advertising provides an abundance of opportunities to collect data on your customers – And make your next advert even better!

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