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Posted: 24/05/2017

It may seem ludicrous to many of today’s creatives and designers that one day our design industry might be run by robots. But automation is already playing a vital role in the creative industries, and there’s no reason why this can’t continue in the future.

The rise of social media has started the demise of traditional design in business. Facebook Pages give businesses an easy platform to share content directly to their customers without many traditional design skills. Many websites also use platforms such as Wordpress, again making a process that was once complex hugely accessible for many people, not just designers and developers.

These developments in marketing and creative mean that in the future there’s no reason why more creative needs can’t be fully automated.

Companies such as Google are already working on self learning machines. Robots such as this could entirely revolutionise the creative and design process in years to come!

So, how can designers face their future fate? It’s vital that today’s designers adapt continuously to new technology and keep up to date with the latest trends. And although computers each year become ever more sophisticated, they are yet to harness the creative power of human beings. So watch this space!

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