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Posted: 11/04/2016

With technology advancing every day, it’s becoming more common for creatives to work from home. Those embarking on a freelance career will find they could be working from home more than ever before! Whilst working from home offers needed flexibility, it’s just as easy to find yourself logging in with Jeremy Kyle on it the background in your dressing gown. Not necessarily a crime, but working in this way can sometimes limit your productivity. So how can creatives make the most of working from home?

Find your space. A dedicated work space is a must, with no distractions, where you can be focussed on the task in hand. If you have a family or live with housemates, a busy environment can make working from home difficult, so make sure you have your own space to think.

Make it seamless for your clients. Use online sharing software to make sure your files are accessible to your clients at all times and be prepared to pay for a good internet connection! By making your work accessible, the creative process will be seamless and effective for all involved, making working from home a happy place to be.

Keep your routine. Working in your pyjamas, although it sounds wonderful, isn’t the most effective way to start your day. Successful people working from home get us at their usual time, get dressed, just as they were travelling to their workplace like everyone else. Keep to your routine!

When’s good for you? With the flexibility of working from home creatives can choose to work when they are most creative at a time that suits them. Find your creative time and work around it.

Don’t forget the real world. Working from home can be isolating, so make sure you get out, get fresh air and have conversation.

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